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Simple utility generates code that cloaks e-mail addresses in HTML and prevents them from being
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12 March 2005

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Email Cloaker for Web can prevent the breach of your privacy in a smart and effective manner.
Email harvesters are becoming smarter by the day and they come up with new ideas to breach your privacy. You in turn need to be up-to-date your privacy protection tools to prevent them from stealing your email addresses. When you enter your email address on a web page, there are chances that it could be distributed to hundreds of others. With this powerful utility, you can cloak your email addresses by generating a code which is capable of hiding it from spam spiders. HTML based email addresses can be successfully protected by preventing the spam spiders from decrypting them and adding them onto their database. This distribution could lead to further spamming and investing of your mail accounts and systems. You can use this tool which works in turn by registering your spam-protected contact form for your email address.
Get the Email Cloaker for Web to perfectly protect your privacy.

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Simple tool provides code to cloak HTML email addresses to prevent harvesting by spam spiders. At present some programs collecting email addresses can already decrypt addresses encrypted with almost any method and add them to their database. Neither javascript cloak, nor html cloak can help. To protect against such email harvesters, you should not specify your email address on web pages in any form (neither plain nor encrypted) and Email Cloaker for Web 1.2 allows you to protect your addresses in such a way.
Email Cloaker for Web
Email Cloaker for Web
Version 1.21
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I was afraid to post my server email on my website but with the email cloaker we have no spam!!!!
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